Fighters and Coaches

Fighters and Coaches

Event Details

XFC 53 Weigh ins

Date: November 26, 2021

Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Location: Mansfield Tavern


XFC 53 – Filimoehala vs Weir-White

Date: November 27, 2021

Time: Rules meeting 4:00PM, Doors open 5:00pm, First Fight 6:00pm

Location: Mansfield Tavern


Weigh in Details

Start Time – 5pm Start
Weigh in cut off – 7pm*
*All fighters must be on time at the venue, for a 5pm start. The weigh in cut off, is provided for fighters who miss weight on their first attempt.
Please have respect for your opponent, and arrive on time at 5pm, to weigh in and face off with your opponent.

Location – Mansfield Tavern

In the event a competitor fails to reach the agreed weight limit, the following will be implemented at the discretion of the promotion:

  • Professional Bouts:
    • The offending competitor will be penalized 50% or $250 of their purse, whichever is the greater. Of the penalized amount, 50% will go to the opponent and 50% to the promotion.
  • Amateur Bouts:
    • Up to 1.0kg over the weight limit (excluding allowance) -1 point deduction from the first round.
    • Over 1.0kg and up to 2.0kg over the weight limit (excluding allowance) -1 point deduction from the first two rounds.
    • Over 2.0kgs over the weight limit (excluding allowance) consideration will be given to cancel the bout, depending on the weight category.
  • Championship Bouts:
    • In the event the challenger does not make the agreed weight limit, the bout will no longer be a Championship bout and the title holder will remain champion regardless of outcome.
    • In the event the Champion does not make the agreed weight limit the title will become vacant and:
      • If the champion wins, the title will remain vacant,
      • If the challenger wins, the challenger will become the new champion.
    • In the event the title is vacant, only the non-offending competitor will be eligible to win the title.
  • Any additional penalties that have been negotiated between teams and the promotion must be approved by MMAA Inc.

Weight categories

All weights below are for Title fights. For non title fights, please add .500kg’s to the below weights, as your weight tolerance.

Flyweight – 56.7kg
Bantamweight – 61.2kg
Featherweight – 65.7kg
Lightweight – 70.3kg
Super Lightweight – 74.8kg
Welterweight – 77.1kg
Middleweight – 83.9kg
Light Heavyweight – 93.0kg
Heavyweight – 120.2kg

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